Welcome to NAXiO

NAXiO is a Swiss-based tech and design company offering services in geoinformatics, geographic information systems (GIS), Web and application development, and graphic design.

We have an extensive expertise in the following domains:

Geoinformatics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and cartography. With our innovative solutions, we help you with your spatial data management and analysis to enable locational intelligence in your projects.

Some of the services we offer for your company, administration or organisation are:

  • Storage and visualisation of your spatial data
  • Interactive mapping and analysis
  • Routing, transportation planning and logistic management
  • Market and spatial implantation analysis

Web development. Our modern Web applications allow for efficient and adapted communication strategies both in public and inside your organisation. Web applications can be completed if necessary with native mobile applications.

Among the Web applications we can offer are:

  • A simple Website for your company, including a communication strategy.
  • Sophisticated Web applications with extensive databases or real time updates.
  • Optimisation of your Website by analysing the user interface choices and increase both finding your Website and retention.
  • Collaborative applications.

Graphic design. We develop or optimise your graphic identity or your simply your Website or reports. We also design your logo, letters or your presence in an exhibition or conference.